it takes effort, focus and smooth feet

Instruction incorporates the fundamentals of both infield and outfield defensive play.  Coach Sullivan, Better Coaching, teaches the basics that are vital to be a great defensive player in the games of baseball and softball.  Instruction also includes specific drills targeted to improve the areas of defense for both infielders and outfielders.  By playing smart, aggressive, and smoothly, a defensive player can change the game one a single play. 


Infield play is important to the success of any defense. The ability to field and throw accurately often is the difference in the game. Errors happen to everyone, but a solid infield that makes few errors and can make some difficult plays puts their team in a position to win. To become a great infielder you must possess athletic ability and quickness, AND have a strong work ethic and the desire to continually improve. Think about all the types of plays you have an opportunity to make or not make during the season. You have to move in all directions and field balls hit at various speeds and degrees of difficulty.

This section covers some of the techniques that you can use to improve your ability to play the infield. Try these techniques out and modify them to fit your style. With hard work and a lot of practice, you can improve all your defensive skills.

Infield 3.png

As with many other aspects of baseball and softball, there just isn't enough practice time to complete the range of instruction necessary for high-level outfield play. 

Consider the impact of a 9-5 double play or an 8-2 putout. Now consider the exact body and glove position and intricate footwork required for those plays, not to mention the throwing strength and accuracy from 230 feet away!

Outfield play is an extremely under-coached aspect of baseball and softball. The depth of instruction, especially at younger ages, typically extends to catching fly balls within 15-20 feet of the fielder and throwing to a cutoff. 

Imagine if that's all an outfielder needed to do...