Personal Training with Coach Sullivan

If your athlete has the desire to improve their performance and is willing to put forth the time and effort required, I would love the opportunity to help bring out their best! 


Using researched training methods, online slow motion video software, Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker, and some good old fashioned tee work, we'll have your hitter ready to approach the plate with confidence in no time!





As parents we all want the best for our children. This includes sports. We want them to succeed in the sport, to gain friends, and to have fun.


Private instruction is an avenue for this growth. During the season, the child’s coach is undoubtedly providing the most beneficial instruction possible.


However, the coach must consider the benefits of the team, and is able to provide small portions of individual instruction to each player. And the current trend is for teams to play more games and practice less.


This does not bode well for learning and developing a skill as specialized as hitting. 


  • Age appropriate instruction

  • Clear, concise communication with both the athlete and the family

  • Progressive instruction

  • Flaws corrected; successes celebrated

  • Fun learning environment

  • Use of cutting-edge technology

  • Instant video feedback 

  • Personalized instruction


  • Bat speed is key

  • Every athlete is physically and mentally unique

  • Train for adjustability

  • Coach the environment more than mechanics

  • Communication is only as good as it's received

  • Focus on the swing attributes of the player and accentuate the positives while correcting the glaring mistakes

A great private instructor can make a huge positive impact on a young athlete's impression of baseball or softball, and on their future in the game. A bad private instructor can easily take your money, waste your time, and leave you, and your athlete, frustrated.

So how can you be sure that your child is truly benefiting from lessons? Click here to see what to consider before booking lessons. 

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